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tire world frederick md

    frederick md
  • Frederick is a city in west-central Maryland, United States. It is the county seat of Frederick County, the largest county by area in the state of Maryland.

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Train Tressle

Train Tressle

We had a beautiful day in my neck-o-the woods toaday so I took advantage of it and took my bike out for a spin.

I drove up to Hancock Md (about 40 miles from my house) so I could ride along the C&O Canal. This is along the towpath about 2 miles south of Fort Frederick State Park. It is a train tressle. I kept hearing the train horns, but they must've been on another track close by.

I ended up riding almost 26 miles today. I learned a very valuable lesson, always have two spare inner tubes. I got a huge screw in my tire and changed the tube. But when I was putting the new one on it got a small hole in it due to being pinched. Aughh. I had a group of guys who were riding stop and try to patch up my tube. Unfortunately it didn't help. These guys were from Asherville N.C. of all places. I guess they were just vacationing up here. I will post a pic of them tomorrow. Maybe someone will know them because we all know it is a Small World! LOL!

Thank goodness as I was walking my bike back to the car someone actually gave me a good new inner tube. I don't know who he was, but "Thank You"! See, I was about 6 miles from my car when I had to start walking. I ended up walking about a mile when this person gave me the tube. A life saver for my poor feet.

So, to sum it up; A long bike ride with a grand adventure = a better day than one spent at work!

Fire in Frederick, MD

Fire in Frederick, MD

Fire in the evening of 10/4/2009 in Frederick, MD, just south of the Fiargrounds. I count 5 firemen on the roof. I was just about to land at Frederick Airport when I spotted this. Photos are taken at night from a fast moving airplane so please excuse the noise and blur.

From the FrederickNewsPost:
Firefighters work to allow fire to escape the roof of a duplex building at 10 and 12 Hamilton Avenue Sunday evening. Firefighters battled heavy fire on the second story and attic of the building and the flames visible here were a result of creating an opening in the roof to allow heat to leave the structure. The fire was contained in less than 30 minutes and no injuries were reported.

tire world frederick md

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