Goodyear Tyre Company

goodyear tyre company

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Goodyear-FuelMaxTechnology family

Goodyear-FuelMaxTechnology family

For several years Goodyear has offered a full line of low rolling resistance tires utilizing Goodyear Fuel Max Technology: the G395 LHS steer tire, the G305 LHD drive tire, and the G316 LHT trailer tire. Goodyear expects customers that use the tires on all tire positions to get up to a 4 percent enhanced fuel efficiency compared with standard Goodyear over-the-road tires. That's because the trailer position accounts for about 41 percent of a tractor-trailer's rolling resistance.



Wingfoot Commercial Tire opens a new truck maintenance center in Midland, Texas. It is located at 10213 West County Road 127 on Interstate 20, exit 126, and Farm to Market Road (FM) 1788. It will provide trucking fleets with new tires, retreads, light mechanical service, preventive maintenance and roadside assistance. Interstate 20 runs concurrently with the La Entrada al Pacifico Corridor, a major trade corridor between Texas and Mexico.

goodyear tyre company

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